Tree Stand Go Pro Mount

TArchery Tree Stand Bow Hanger


Firefly® Tree Stand Bow/Accessory Mount

If you're looking for a HIGH QUALITY a way to hold you bow this is it!

The base is machined from Solid Aluminum so it won't rust and it won't break!  Neither will the gear hooks that are Black Galvanized. The Telescoping tube is manufactured from Drawn Seamless Aluminum and the Hornet Quick Clamp assures a simple but secure way to hold the telescoping section in place.

Minimizing movement in the stand  is everything when it comes to hunting big game with a bow.

The Firefly  Telescoping Bow Accessory Mount is designed to hold your bow in precisely the right position for easy access when preparing for that all important shot.

The Tool Less  base mount and telescoping design accommodate not only your bow but your quiver, pack, and extras such as a POV or commercial camera or even a spotting scope or ozonics ozonator.  

​Telescoping tube extends to 26" and is powder coated flat black.

  • * Base is made from 100% machined solid aluminum
  • * Base can be installed with no tools on any horizontal    OR    vertical 3/4" or 1" square tube rail. (can also be installed on round    and semi round with optional insert).
  • * Tubing is black powder coated
  • * Swing away design makes it simple to position your gear where you need it and out of the way when you're getting in and out of your stand.
  • * Comes complete with Firefly Electronic Wind Detector base mount so your Firefly is in easy reach.
  • * Top hook (1/4"x20 thread) accommodates your bow, POV, spotting scope or Ozonics.
  • * Base Hook (1/4"x20 thread) can hold your pack, quiver, POV and other accessories

Tree Stand Go Pro Mount
Tree Stand Go Pro Mount

TTree Stand Bow Holder

Tree Stand Go Pro Mount
​Knowing wind direction is critical to hunting success- hunt the wind with Firefly
Tree Stand Go Pro Mount

This is a new product so we are offering a special introductory price of $49.95 for a limited time.

Figuring out a way to secure your gear (pack, quiver, etc) without it falling out of the stand can be a challenge, especially if you have your bow sitting in your lap. Have you ever bumped your bow and knocked it out of your stand? I have TWICE (call me a klutz). 

More important for the serious bow hunter is bow position. The secret that every serious bow hunter knows; if you're reaching around, up or down, when you see a deer- he's gone! 

The solution is simple.  Leave your bow on the rope.  After you arrive on the top of your stand  (or while you're still standing on the ladder) attach the Firefly Bow Hanger on either a vertical or horizontal bar on your stand THEN haul your bow up and hang it on the hook. Adjust it so it positions your bow exactly where you can easily reach the grip and you're good to go.

Below are a few field photos of actual hunts using the Firefly bow hanger.(in case you're curious about the positioning, we're all left handed shooters so the Bow Hanger is on the right side of the stand in all of the photos). Tom, Dexter, Derek

Tree Stand Go Pro Mount
tree stand bow hanger
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