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We do K-9 Search and Rescue in Southern Oregon. In K-9 Search and Rescue the Search Dogs work air currents to locate our missing subjects. So knowing wind direction is absolutely vital to properly deploying the dog and understanding what the dog is telling us. The dog’s body indicators (pace, head movements, ear movements, sniffing at the air) can often point the way to the subject even before the dog has enough scent to commit to a location, if the handler understands what the wind is doing at that moment. We regularly use small powder containers to test the wind. The Firefly is significantly more precise, readable at night, and a real advance in allowing us to read that all important air movement. What is really impressive is how it can pick up the slightest air movement, even when it is undetectable by other methods. A great tool for SAR K9 handlers.Josephine County (Oregon) Sheriff’s Search and Rescue K9

Firefly is widely used in military, public service, HAZMAT, and commercial applications.

Firefly is not just for hunting.

Firefly is used in a wide variety of applications. Due to the fact that it's so sensitive it can detect wind drifts and thermals down to 1" per second, it can be used for for outdoor AND indoor applications. SWAT teams can use it in conjunction with robotics to determine wind direction during ordinance dispensation, K9 units are using them for training dogs as well as in-field assistance with working dogs on assignments.

Emergency responders can use Firefly to accurately determine wind drifts when responding to hazardous spills and special operations units use them for a variety of military applications.

If wind direction is important Firefly can help!

​Knowing wind direction is critical to hunting success- hunt the wind with Firefly
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