Electronic Wind Detector

the technology behind firefly

WHAT?  Firefly uses heat to determine wind direction

Why firefly was developed

Watch this video on how Firefly works

Firefly is a precision wind detector with 2 patents on the technology. It's designed to give users an accurate reading of wind/thermal direction. Firefly takes 512 readings per second, analyzes these readings and, after 3 seconds, reports the results in the form of easy-to-interpret LED lights.

How to operate:

Operating Firefly is easy. Simply push the button. Firefly takes 512 readings per second, analyzes these readings and, after 3 seconds, reports the results in easy-to-interpret LED lights. Firefly continues to sample and report for 5 more seconds and then automatically turns itself off after 8 seconds of non use. To take another wind reading, simply push the button.

To operate the unit:

1. Remove the protective cap by unscrewing counter-clockwise.
2. Hold the unit still and level, at a comfortable distance away from your body and depress the button. After 3 seconds, 1-3 LED’s will blink indicating the direction the wind is coming FROM. Continue to hold the unit level and still while the LED's are blinking if you wish to sample the wind direction more accurately. Firefly will continue to sample and indicate the direction the wind is coming FROM each second through 8 seconds, at which time it will turn itself off.
3. If you wish to verify the direction in case your body may have been blocking the wind, rotate your body 90 degrees and activate the button a second time to take another reading.
4. Firefly is programmed so that if no wind is apparent or there are light swirling drifts and an accurate reading cannot be determined, all LED’s will blink randomly after 8 seconds indicating an “Error” condition. If this occurs, rotate your body 90 degrees and activate again.
5. Replace the cap by screwing the cap in a “clockwise” direction.
Note: Low battery indication. The unit operates on two AAA batteries and has been designed to allow for a minimum of 500 activations with new, fully charged batteries. If the batteries are nearly dead, all LED’s will blink for 5 seconds immediately when the activation button is depressed. To replace batteries, remove the screws on the battery cap and remove the batteries.

​Knowing wind direction is critical to hunting success- hunt the wind with Firefly

Firefly is designed to determine wind direction even when there is no perceptible wind at all!  Firefly can determine wind drifts and thermals down to 1” per second. It uses patented technology to take 512 readings per second, which it then analyzes to give you the most accurate readings of any wind detection device- even with winds undetectable to human.​

Under the tough clear polycarbonate top of the electronic wind detector is a resistor. When you depress the button, the resistor gets hot, very hot!  The resistor heats up the air under the dial and 8 micro sensing "thermometers"  situated around the circumference of the board sample the air temperature. Each of the 8 measure the air temperature 64 times per second and report their findings back to a Texas Instruments Computer chip that's located in a watertight seal underneath the board.The TI chip compares the temperatures and lights the LED's on the side that is showing the coolest temperature- the direction the wind is coming FROM.  Using this technology it can't be wrong.  If a LED is lighted on  one side of the board, you can bet that's the direction the wind is coming from.  The unit is very sensitive so it's possible that you could find it "wrong" when the reading is the result of you moving you hand around while it's sampling or possibly wind swirling around the dial due to your body or other obstacle blocking the wind drift.

Watch the video below to learn about the technology or read below.

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