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Firefly Accessory Casey® retractable lanyard pack

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Firefly® is a sophisticated instrument designed using the latest in state-of-the-art technology. The entire design was optimized using advanced flow analysis and the result is the most accurate, hyper sensitive wind detection device you can buy. Firefly is simple to operate-just push the button on the side and it immediately starts sampling wind direction, showing the results in 3 seconds.


+ Protective cover easily screws onto Firefly. Waterproof design
+ Built-in compass showing cardinal direction of the wind.
+ The physical attributes of the design assure accuracy during low/no wind periods.
+ Shape, diameter and position of stainless steel support pins is the result of painstaking flow analysis tests so as not to alter readings.
+ Board is so precise it must be manufactured by computer automation. LED lights signal wind direction information in an easy-to-understand manner - especially in the dark.
+ Weather resistant housing is built to last. With the cover screwed on, it's completely waterproof.

Height: 4.63"
Radius: 2.16"
Weight: Under 3 OZ with batteries under 2 OZ without batteries
Operating Temperature: -35 F to +110 F

+ On / Off button. Ergonomically designed on button, easy to find even with gloves on.
+ The unit automatically turns itself off after 8 seconds. Very low power consumption!
+ Operates on two AAA batteries. Over 500 activations on a single set of batteries.
+ Lanyard ring and loop

​Knowing wind direction is critical to hunting success- hunt the wind with Firefly
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