On opening weekend in Minnesota, my dad helped me set-up my deer stand near the edge of some low ground and close to some green timber. Dad used his Firefly to help me find spots to watch according to what the winds were doing. Dad and the Firefly were right on and I was very excited to get my first Deer."

--Ethan Heyblom - Minnesota Deer Hunter

"You cannot cover you scent completely- period! With this unit you know what you are up against and can plan your routes accordingly", commented Sam after using the unit on a bear hunt."

--Sam McCuin - The Outfitter

"Colorado indicated that the unit was accurate and he would use this on all of his hunts, worldwide. "This is maybe the most unique new gadget I've ever seen and used"

--Colorado Buck - Colorado Buck and Dream Catcher Productions

"I have spent the better part of my life in the outdoors hunting and fishing and have never witnessed a product like this one!! Firefly performed great in April during Manitoba's spring bear season. It consistently gave us accurate readings in the field which resulted in changing our position to take advantage of the evening thermals. Amazing device, I will recommend it to fellow hunters! "

Greg Heyblom - Avid outdoorsman, Minnesota Deer Hunters Association

"This thing is unbelievable. I wish I had thought of it"

--Marc Allsman - AE Light

With years of hunting I've tried a number of methods to mask or eliminate my scent but found that they simply didn't work. If the buck steps out down wind of your stand he'll make you, no matter what. Now, when I leave the shack in the dark of morning I check the wind drifts and if the wind is wrong for a particular stand I go somewhere else. I ALWAYS hunt the wind; period"

--Tom Martire - Minnesota Deer Hunter

One thing I've learned over the years hunting on the Flyway Highway is how critically important wind and wind direction is to the success of a hunt. Proper decoy placement, on both land and water, depends on wind direction. If your decoy spread isn't set properly, your chances of success are limited.

--Craig Foster - The Flyway Highway

The wind is the most critical factor in consistent success on big game animals, no matter where you hunt. I am always able to hunt with the wind in my favor thanks to Firefly, and I believe that definitely tips the scales in my favor.

--Tim Herald, Host - Nosler's Magnum TV and The Zone

"I went out for a few hours yesterday morning, before heading in to work, and bagged this nice little eight point buck. After sitting in my stand for two hours, 6:30-8:30, I decided to get out of the woods because I am usually at work by 10:30. In stead of walking back on the trail that I came in on, I decided to skirt a large tag alder swamp because the wind would be perfect for it. I checked out the exact windage with a new product, the Firefly wind-detector, and was on my way. It was classic textbook, as I walked right up on this buck, who never even knew I was there. I shot him from approximately 30 yards. Needless to say, it was a long, tiring day at work but well worth it! "

--Greg Clusiau - Minnesota Deer Hunter

When I took this bear, we were hunting in a heavily wooded area in northern Minnesota. I had checked both the bear stand wind currents as well as the directional flow near the base of my shooting lane. There was a significant airflow difference between the stand and the bottom of the down hill bear trail. The Bear worked its way through the trail from west to east (into the wind) while I was getting several wind shifts and swirls on my stand on the ridge. Having recognized those subtle differences I was able to focus my efforts accordingly and attain my bear just days before the end of the season. Thanks Much “Team Firefly !!!!!"

--Gary Sorenson - Minnesota Deer Hunter

"When you are hunting big game or predators, how important is wind direction? If you are like me, wind is everything and the primary consideration when selecting a stand on a whitetail hunt. The same goes for determining an approach on a bulging bull elk. Ditto for calling coyotes. No matter how careful one is with scent elimination, it is always best to put the wind in your favor. Of course, that is sometimes easier said than done. Wind direction is not always consistent. The topography of the terrain can redirect wind and cause swirling. I have a favorite stand in prime whitetail country that is on the side of a wooded ridge. When the wind blows from the southwest, the wind direction at this stand is northeast. I can look up and see the clouds going northeast and feel the wind going the opposite direction.

Thermals are an entirely different issue. Combine thermals and wind direction and who knows what direction your scent might be blowing. And thermals change at a flip of a switch as the sun comes up or goes down. I always used to carry a container of powder to assess wind direction. It was better than nothing but I never felt like it helped unless there was a pretty significant breeze. The weight of the powder caused it to fall out of the air. And, I couldn’t see the powder in the dark.

Now I have a Firefly! This electronic wind detector reports wind direction at the push of a button. It’s easy to use and visible in the dark as it reports the wind direction with flashing LED lights. Best of all, it can detect wind currents and thermals that are undetectable to humans! Here’s how it works. Firefly takes 64 readings per second for three seconds. The sophisticated electronics in Firefly analyze this information and, after the three seconds, report the findings via eight LED lights. For five seconds, you’ll get a second by second report. One light means a definitive wind direction. Two lights means the direction is between these two LED lights. Yes, it is that precise! Three lights tell you that the wind direction is variable. All the lights will flash if there is an error.

I used my Firefly extensively this fall on both an elk hunt and during several whitetail trips to Iowa. This is one very impressive product! It flat out works! I didn’t always like what it was telling me, but I sure was glad I had the information. In one situation it showed a current headed out into the food plot I was covering. This current was counter to the wind and only occasional. I chose to use this to test Firefly. The first doe that walked into the food plot stuck her nose up in the air as soon as she stepped in. I couldn’t believe it! She turned and left. That experience and several similar experiences throughout the course of the season sold me on Firefly."

--Walt Larsen - Outdoor Writer

With either guiding fulltime on Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay, while filming for D3TV or just enjoy some “fun hunting”, I am always in tune with mother nature and more importantly with waterfowl, the wind! For this reason I find Firefly Electronic Wind Detector the best way to stay in tune on the mornings where there just isn’t a lot of it, I especially enjoy the lighted LEDs

Firefly very user friendly in those early morning set up situations. In my opinion “Firefly” is the best wind detector for Serious Waterfowlers on the market today, I never leave home with out one!

--Jeff Coats - Pitboss at Ducks Dogs and Decoys

"Knowing wind direction is critical for my success when hunting trophy big game. Using my Firefly takes the guess work out of the equation because it is the most reliable and accurate method I have ever used. When hunting fowl, before setting out my decoys I use the Firefly to nail down the wind direction. It takes the guess work out of the equation so I always have a perfect set up.

--Dick Scorzafava - The Radical Bear Hunter

You can't control the wind. You have to hunt it!"

--James Brion, President, Executive Producer Magnum Global Media

Of everything in my pack, Firefly is the least expensive and most important.

Tom Nelson - The American Archer

"I have been hunting in Colorado for 24 years. In Colorado it is very rare to have much detectable wind in the mornings and this morning was no different. I arrived in my tree stand about 15 minutes before daylight. Once settled in I turned on my Firefly and checked the direction of the wind. One minute later I checked it a second time and got the exact same response. 15 minutes after daylight I could see I had a group of Elk approaching me. Because of the wind direction, I knew I had to take the first shot in the first shooting lane. My arrow found the mark directly behind the should and the Cow only made it 40 yards before expiring. I am confident that if I had let the Cow make it to the next shooting lane (directly down wind of me), she would have "winded" me and I would have never gotten the opportunity to shoot. I believe it is impossible to be consistently successful when hunting Big Game if you don't know the direction of the wind. You will never find me in the field without my Firefly.

--Todd Bandemer - Colorado Bowhunter

"Firefly is a revolutionary breakthrough for a practical purpose!"

--Hank Parker

The Firefly gives me an advantage like never before. In my world knowing the wind and thermals is crucial, I will not enter the woods without the Fire-Fly"

--Steve Gruber - Outdoor America

Hunters fully understand the importance of knowing wind direction.

Whether you're a big game hunter, waterfowl hunter or predator hunter, few things are as important as wind direction.
That's why we made a model for all types of hunters.

My name is Caleb Gillespie and I recently harvested a big deer in Kansas people are referring to as "The Gillespie Buck" however I nicknamed him "Heartbreaker".  The deer should be a contender for the new State Record here in Kansas for a Muzzleloader I hope.  I wanted to take a few moments and tell you how much your Firefly helped me with my hunt.  I used it everyday to determine what stands to set and which way to walk in.  Thanks again for producing an amazing product and I look forward to killing more big deer in the future with you as a partner. Thanks Firefly!!!

Caleb Gillespie

Thank you for the great service and response. I want to thank you for a great product. The Firefly used along with my Ozonics has improved my harvest of trophy bucks. I took 4 good bucks this year, 2 in Missouri and 2 in Mississippi. These 2 tools definitely gave me an edge up on the deer this year. I passed on several other bucks during the season. I am seeing more deer now that I use these tools. I wont go in the woods deer hunting without them. One more thing, 2 of the bucks were taken sitting on the ground with no blind in MS on WMA Land.

--Ron Mantle

​Knowing wind direction is critical to hunting success- hunt the wind with Firefly
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