Firefly® Archery Accessory Case

We took our Firefly Hard Case and reconfigured the insert to turn it into a great Archery Accessory Case. It's the perfect way to store and transport your broadheads, target tips and field essentials and, when you need to put your cell phone away where it will stay dry you simply lift out the foam top shelf and tuck your phone securely away. Large enough to be useful yet small enough to throw in your day pack.

Case Features:

Compact 6.5”X3”X2.5” fits easily in to your bow case or day pack
100% Waterproof
Rattle proof - field accessories fit tightly in the custom cut foam
Fits all broadheads and mechanicals- insert them vertically or, if your broadheads are longer simply insert them in the slotted foam horizontally
Pre cut slot fits allen wrenches
Use the bottom section to store your string wax, target tips, cell phone, or camera

Black $19.95

Camo $29.95

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