Hunters fully understand the importance of knowing wind direction. Whether you're a big game hunter, waterfowl hunter or predator hunter, few things are as important as wind direction.

Waterfowl hunting created some unique challenges. Like Big Game enthusiasts, some of us Waterfowl hunters are downright fanatical about the not-so-little things. As circumstances and the law of averages typically plays out, most Waterfowl hunting days are set against a clear sky with no wind; bluebird weather. During these days, particularly during pre dawn periods, often there is no perceptible wind at all, making it difficult or impossible to set the decoys with the wind in mind. Traditional means of determining wind direction are simply useless during the complete darkness of Waterfowl set-up so hunters typically use nothing at all; they guesstimate the direction of the wind drifts.

"As big game, waterfowl, and predator hunters ourselves, we struggled for years with the best methods for determining wind direction when there was no apparent wind at all. During Big Game hunts, knowing wind is ALWAYS drifting, even though imperceptible we knew that if we sat on a stand long enough, our scent would eventually begin to drift, creating "unhuntable zones" downwind from our stand. In parts of the country where there were high concentrations of hunters we knew the challenge was even greater because those big bucks were very educated, using their acute sense of smell to guide them with radar accuracy between hunters.

We believe that there's no such thing as "scent elimination" but we do use scent reduction spray with some success but the secret everybody knows is that you still need to hunt the  wind, no matter what precautions you take to reduce your scent.


​Knowing wind direction is critical to hunting success- hunt the wind with Firefly

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